FINCTOR GROUP CO., LTD. was initiated by four co-founders on September 15, 2017, and was formally established on January 23, 2018. with the company name of a FINCTOR INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY CHAIN ADMINISTRATION CO., LTD., ( a Samoa company with the registration number of 81500). Then changed its name to FINCTOR GROUP CO., LTD. on April 4, 2019.

The main business of FINCTOR GROUP is industrial private equity funds, management consulting, and asset custody. The company's most important core capability is its insight into the future world and can design-related business models to meet the needs of industry trends. In order to strengthen the company's overall influence on the industry, it gradually developed in the direction of market capital construction, and also developed its core business that currently includes industrial private equity funds.


FINCTOR is a new combination of Finance and Factor. It was thought of by the founder and agreed by the co-founders. Its original Chinese name "科金" was named by a friend of the company's founding team. It is an inversion of the meaning of "Technology Finance". However, since 2018, a cryptocurrency team in Taiwan that may be involved in fraudulent intentions also The same company name was adopted. In order to avoid confusion in market information, the company’s Chinese name was cancelled by resolution.


Our Vision: Build a Glorious World !


Enable rapid iteration of the industry to meet the needs of human life.


Comply with regulatory and policy requirements and support the public interest.


Become a capital center for new economic activities and create jobs.

Based on our insights into the future world, we have unearthed opportunities for industrial development, and guided market capital to support industrial ecosystems with development potential in a manner that complies with laws and regulations and financial compliance, and further supports industrial iteration and the development of new economic activities. Make human life better.

Who We Are

  • The baker of the construction of the industrial ecosystem.
  • Across the traditional economy and the new economy.
  • Discover the future trends of the industry.
  • Leading investment action at the forefront of the market.

The Industrial and Financial Layout for the Future

We Have a Global Financial Services Platform

We build the next growth bridge for traditional capital markets and provide financial advice and solutions for industries and investors engaged in new economic activities.

Governing Principle for Business

The policy of the Company includes but is not limited to:

  1. Ensuring that the business of the Subsidiary Company is conducted at all times in accordance with the following six Principles for business as set out in the Group’s Regulatory Code:
    • Integrity
    • Management and Control
    • Financial Resources
    • Customers’ Interests
    • Transparency
    • Relationship
  2. Ensuring senior management and staff use their best endeavors to develop a corporate culture where the interests of the Company and its customers are placed at the highest level.
  3. Complying at all times with obligations imposed by financial services laws and to preserve the reputation of the Group, the Company and its Client.

Our Business Structure Consists of Five Subsidiaries

As an emerging industrial financial holding company, FINCTOR GROUP controls the following subsidiary Company:

Private Equity Investment Management Investment Advisor Digital Assets Custody Management Consults
is a fund company focused on new economic activities. Each fund we issue has the power to change the world. is a diversified investment management company that manages French currency funds, digital asset funds or hybrid funds. We are a leading investment management company focused on the management of private equity funds. provides expert advice, innovative solutions and forward-looking investment opportunities to companies, institutions and high-asset individuals. is a professional digital asset custodian company. We are a leading company that provides complete and professional third-party custody for a wide range of digital asset projects based on blockchain technology to ensure the security of digital assets. is a consulting firm that spans traditional and new economies. We work with business leaders to meet market challenges and seize the greatest opportunities.。