Build a Glorious World


A Trend that Investors
Should Not Ignore


According to statistical evidence, no one can go beyond the strategy of randomly selecting investment targets. If investors actively manage their investment portfolios, their performance is often inferior to the returns brought by passive investment strategies. Although the future of investment is full of uncertainty, its possible impact will bring the possibility of high returns to investors. If investment actions can not only be self-interested, but also support the development of the entire world to take a big step forward, it will be equivalent to making a great contribution to the development of mankind.

When ECG investment has become a significant investment in recent years, governments of various countries have also proposed preferential policies to support. We also found from some reports that companies that pay more attention to the environment, responsibility and corporate governance are more ambitious for the future, and the products and services of these companies often drive newer development trends. Therefore, we have come to a conclusion: Your investment power can better support these trends and make human life better.

How to use your capital power?


“ When FINCTOR GROUP cooperates with different market capitals,
it adapts to different operating targets according to their capital attributes to improve your capital strength! ”

Financial Institution

Adding investment targets with future development potential to your investment portfolio will not only increase the degree of diversification of institutional investment, but also keep the investment portfolio diversified.

Corporate Investment

Provide future opportunities in line with the company's development vision, for companies to make impact investments, and strive for possibilities for future corporate development to enter new areas.

High Net Worth

By supporting forward-looking investment actions, we can obtain an opportunity for the excess appreciation of personal wealth and thus obtain additional investment rights.


Build a Glorious World

How to grasp new market opportunities
under the turbulent global situation


Paradigm Shift

When new models appear and the old ones begin to pull, the market will often go through producer iterations and financial shocks. When the new and old models are about to coexist in the market, there will be bullish investment opportunities.

Supply-Side Innovation

When an influential innovation activity occurs in a certain industrial field, it can change the existing industrial ecology or create a new supply chain, and can create an early economic scale after being put into production.

Industry Iteration

We believe that industrial iteration is not the same as productivity surplus, and companies that can drive iteration have the real opportunity to stand out from the fierce competition.

Industry Concentration

Highly oligopoly companies may have antitrust issues, and their products may not really meet the needs of the end market. Therefore, we believe that low concentration and oligopoly companies with industry concentration between 40% and 70% are the most worthy investment targets.

FINCTOR BNCT FUND SP August 25, 2021

FINCTOR BNCT FUND SP Private equity funds,
expected to be released in August 2021

How to identify business opportunities and prevent fraud?


“ When FINCTOR GROUP is exposed to new market opportunities, it has a set of business opportunity evaluation criteria, And start with the feasibility of the financial model to evaluate the opportunity.”


Market Research

In addition to its own research department, cooperate with external third-party research institutions or scholars to investigate whether opportunities exist.


Financial Model

Perform financial modeling and trial calculations on the opportunity based on primary or secondary information, and evaluate whether there is a chance of success through working papers.


Due diligence

Investigate and interview new opportunities to find out whether there is any unreasonable business logic.


Anti-money laundering OInspection

Conduct international blacklist comparisons of institutions with market opportunities to prevent any possibility of fraud.