Connect with the world

We believe that working with all the leaders
who can influence the world can create new sparks !

FINCTOR GROUP needs to take more aggressive actions to drive new economic activity through our uniqueness. It is essential for us to take a stand through diverse cooperation and to secure our node position in cooperation: play our role to the extent with resources and capabilities.

We strive to maintain open and constructive relationships with leaders, including our customers, investors, industry and economic groups, to help us continue to grow our business in a responsible manner. This will facilitate the exchange of information between the partners and establish good cooperative relations in the process.。

Public relations governance

In general, FINCTOR GROUP's public relations department is responsible for engaging with the market to ensure that we can connect with the market and help us better participate in new economic matters. Our public relations involvement responsibilities include new economic activities, investor relations, business opportunity development, and industrial group collaboration. Our Board of Directors oversees the effectiveness of public relations participation. The Board of Directors will properly monitor any public relations actions we take in accordance with the principles of corporate governance.

Our behavior

We uphold ethical conduct, integrity, and responsibility in all public relations activities. Our activities are aimed at meeting these values and market expectations for our behavior. We have further built on these three values by establishing three expectations: to do the right thing, not to do evil, and to cocreate. Putting these codes of conduct into practice will help us continue to face challenges, make better decisions, and move forward.

Work with customers and investors

We work with leaders to build effective bridges between capital markets and industrial economies. We are committed to pursuing higher investment efficiencies for capital investments through our resilient platform capabilities, based on compliance regulation. Our compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure that we can meet our obligations also means that we can innovate and be resilient within the scope of compliance. This ensures that our actions do business in the right way.

Work with industry and economic groups

We work with leaders to bring capital markets to the development of new economic activities. Through our unique market insights, we work with industry and economic groups to build a leading industrial and economic platform for the future market economy ahead of schedule. We are good at talking to leaders who create market momentum and can respond to the needs of industry and economic activity in a flexible manner. We are committed to creating a new situation for the industrial economy through our platform capabilities.

Engage with leaders

Given that the leaders we work with in those areas can have a significant impact on economic activity, we recognize the need to engage with leaders in an appropriate manner. We are acutely aware that the dissemination of inappropriate information in the market can be economically damaging. As a result, we have defined codes of conduct for engagement internally and are constantly implementing them through internal training to ensure that they are effectively implemented.